I already knew stoicism since I was in high school, but to me, it was just another nonsense philosophy that only encourage you to smile in every difficulty, since I was a hardcore existentialist who believe that everything doesn’t really matter, I used to hate stoicism, those self-help books, and their ridiculously positive words, to me it was just not rational. but there was someone who encourages me to read stoic books, we known each other for about one month, more or less, I can’t recall, and I think I should thank her because unintentionally she saved me from obsolete darkness of nihilism since stoicism is the only thing that helps me keep moving forward in these past few months, I wish that I read stoicism long before I read those nihilism books. well, I can say that I was a wooden-headed who thought that I already know everything. P.S. I still hate those self helps books tho.

after I learn stoicism, I realize that stoicism is pretty rational, she has some realistic approach in this rational world which what I observe, in this world, a good thing doesn’t always get rewarded and it doesn’t mean that the wrong things will get punished. it’s unfair, but that’s just how it is and I think all of us have already faced this unfairness, aren’t we? perhaps not, just in case that one day, you go to your work in the morning, doing your best at your work, given all the thing’s that you got for it, but unfortunately at the end, instead of being rewarded you get punished by the judgment, mockeries and the environment that believe they can do better, or one day, you are loyal to your partner, cherish her as she’s the only one in your heart, but you’ll eventually realize that the loyalty goes only one way. Just like the expression that I really love which goes “damned if you do!!, damned if you don't!!”

Betrayal, Failure, Rejection, Heart Break, That’s normal but the question is, what stoicism told me to do about it? should I embrace this reality and be mad, disappointed, or perhaps cry. stoicism told me to not do that, I know it’s easy to say not to do it, I’m an existentialist myself, but let’s just give it a try, shall we?

Stoicism teaches me the ability to remain in an even mood, to see the bright side in every catastrophe. She told me to not let my environment affect me. Not letting crises, disasters, the media, social networks, and others change our state. It is to remain unperturbed in all circumstances. What I love about stoicism is that she never promises you a happy ending, in reverse, it promises you that life will knock you down, take your pride and extinguish your will to live, her approach to this rational world it’s not positive nor negative but it gives me a clear understanding and guidance to distinguish between virtue and vice, also how to behave afterward.

Thanks to Stoicism and those ancient ruin dead guys, I have the audacity to tell myself this, if everything might go wrong: just do the right thing, just the things that you love, no matter what you’ll get, rejoice or bewail, loved or despised, punished or rewarded. just do the right things, good days will come eventually, the rest doesn’t really matter.

I don't like memes but, hahaha this one nailed it.



Part time philosopher.

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