Neo-Barbaric Society (1/3)

This proposal is perhaps bound to several raise of objections. The idea of a new barbaric society is in fact frequently developed due to the market, hyper-consumption, and the media that have produced a world without soul, without grace or poetry. We live in a world that worships the market, money, and efficiency, we only know the immediate of our desire which the urged is the cause of the trend. the receive and the throwaway, haste in all things are now our demeanor. Porn, hyperbolic violent images, decibels, rap, rubbish-tv, speed dating, grunge, destructive art: capitalism has hatched a Neo-barbaric culture” leading us down the slope of De-civilization destroying the grace of beautiful forms, good manners and made us forget how to contemplate in slowness. What remains of the charm and mystery in the age of tweets, online dating sites, the violent of pornographic era of “show us everything”? What does it mean to court in a time when we see several challenges in gender roles and individuals can no longer bear to wait and be frustrated with it? Profound arts are now just mere great myths of the past, instead of Symphony, we have rap; the Private life of the Kardashian family succeeded Gianni Schicchi.


For some art is a luxe, or just a decoration, but in fact, it is a necessity of civilization, with the grace of art we are able to distinguish between ourselves, humans, and other creatures, releasing us from the dull reality of life. However our entire era would be marked by the regression of culture, dreams, and enchantment: Capitalism has created a standardized material world, where a simple thing like a scratch can be called as an art, in this world without charm that the free market has conduct human into this senselessness of world, we might see that people can’t really distinguish between beauty and rubbish. Contemporary art, where a blank canvas might cost you thousands of millions of dollar, in the right of your mind, that sound ridiculous, but not because people can’t understand which one is awful, which piece of art is excellent but because human emotions are something that is quite easy to manipulate, let’s not blame the ordinary people with no background of art, even student’s of art are oft seen to judge something not because what they see and they often spoke out not with their logical point of view, but what the society has created. For example, one of the art professor was asking his students to analyze a painting, it seems like a painting of modern art form, surprisingly none of them answered negatively even though eventually they found out that it was just a clothes of a painter which was full of the spouts of his oil color while he was painting. The low standards that we have might be the cause of the museum management, gallery owners, and analysts who promote this kind of art. They represent childish scribbles and lousy art pieces that are claimed as meaningful and a genius work, and with their greedy behavior, they are able to turn it into a bucket of money, don’t forget!! the art gallery is also a business, where there is no demand, they created one. We used to have David by Michel Angelo which was carved out of the rock, but now we have a rock.

Levitated Mass in Los Angeles County Museum. One of the form of modern art

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” one phrase that often used by the modern artist to justify their work, it’s not a wrong thing to say, everyone has their one perspective not to mention that we live in the age of self-expressionism. One thing that one should be careful about is that not everything can be called as art. Before art galleries, use some artistic standards which determine whether the work of the artist will be put in the gallery or not, but after the movement of impressionists the standard was tackled, at first, it turns out good, we have artists like Monet and Renoir. But every year the standard was having a declined which made everyone with a canvas and a paintbrush can be an artist, you just need to know how to promote your art and with a good marketing strategy you might found someone purchase your work at an unreasonable price. Before, art needs dedication, takes years of practice to master it, unfortunately in this time you might see a self-claimed artist that creates a pointless dot and call it an art.

Robert Ryman’s shades of white which was sold for 15 Million Dollar.

The purpose that I write this essay is not to criticize the modern art, but to criticize people who judge and perceive something not because of their full consciousness instead they let what has been normally perceive and made it as a conclusion, just like the students of art that I already mentioned. Don’t let some businessman or anyone tell us what is meaningful, what is art, your eyes have the full consciousness of that, they won’t tell you no lies.

The Last Judgement by Michelangelo, it contains 300 characters and took 4 years to finish it.

In conclusion, modern art is not necessarily a bad form of art, we should be grateful that every work can be appreciated. But let’s get it straight and clear, they are not equal to the previous masters like Leonardo Da Vinci, Rafaello, etc… and while the demands are still there, the art that we have, won’t be as good as it used to be, therefore we won’t have any other Michelangelo.



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