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9 min readJan 18, 2022


I remember when I was in Highschool, I watched the news about Brexit, and even though I watched Brexit constantly on every TV channel, very little information was given by the anchor, it was just some confusing politics and economics that I didn’t quite understand. The news talked about a fair amount about the immigrants and laborers, for instance, but rarely did the news talk about the problem that these immigrants might bring. My father loves politics, he watched the news, the political debate as if it was a soccer game, we can say that it was an entertainment for him. So I presume that he knew Brexit, therefore, I asked my father, “What is Brexit?” He answered “ It’s is an abbreviation of British Exit” and that was it, I ask no more questions, I didn’t ask where the British will go. A few days later I watch a youtube video about European history, and if I’m not mistaken the comments said, “why do you mention the UK in your video, UK is not Europe anymore, they said it themself, Brexit!! and I said to myself, I know this Brexit, I watched it on the TV, but I don’t know what it was exactly, so I do some research about it just to know the meaning of the comment, and I finally know where the British go, actually I realize that British doesn’t literally go, they are still in their tiny cloudy island, they just want to cut some ties with their neighbor. Back then the only thing in my mind was “so If I’m in Europe and want to go to the UK I have to go to their embassy, such a waste of time for a country that can be reached only in minutes” Despite the lecturers in my university that taught me about immigrants regulations since then, I never really contemplate the Immigrants and the things that follow until I talked with A right-wing french activist.

It’s been months since I talked with one of the Right-wing activists in France, even though we have a bad connection or it was just mine, fortunately, we managed to have an interesting conversation, we talked for roughly one hour and a half through one of the meeting platforms, a lot of things were became our topic, From Eric Zemmour, Capitalism, and 2030 Reindustrialization in France but what made me write this essay is when we talked about Immigrants. He doesn’t support Immigrants that aren’t well regulated, since for him they are just one of the tools to make capitalists even richer. For him, the capitalists use them with their lack of rights in France, exploit their sweat at a cheaper price, and most of them can’t assimilate with French culture. Our conversation makes me wonder why people like Donal Trump wants to build a wall to Prime Minister of the UK Boris Johnson showed up, and now we have Eric Zemmour, people called him racist but he called himself a patriot, he’s now one of France president Candidates and still gaining supporter from every class, he believes that Immigrants who can’t assimilate in France will destroy their culture, therefore he proposes the immigrants regulation that might be ridicule which even consists of selecting foreign students. These people keep showing up, anywhere in the world. Aren’t we a few decades ago keep trying to encourage free trade and globalization, remember when Ronald Reagen said “Mr. Gorbachev, Tear down this wall” I don’t remember since I wasn’t born yet, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t know it, it was a sign that Globalization and free trade is the victorious one after decades haunted by Communism, but now we have a tendency towards deglobalization, I believe it’s everywhere since the 2008 financial crisis.

Why do people choose these guys? If it’s about economics then free trade is one of the answers since no country can’t be dependent on itself, even China chose free trade, now we can see what Brexit brings to the UK economy, and now it’s even worsened by the pandemic. To analyze the consequences of a “Brexit”, we must turn to the study of foreign trade. When you look at the development of the UK’s share of world trade since 1945, the picture is clear. While Europe and later the EU have maintained a constant influence, the kingdom has gone from being the world’s leading trading power to third, with its share of European trade falling by almost nine points.

Even the previous Prime Minister of the UK David Cameron does not want to become “the founding father of little England” without Scotland or Europe.
An exit from the European Union could have a terrible impact on the country’s balance of trade, which was in deficit for two years at his time. Worse still, a “Brexit” could affect the balance of services, a source of satisfaction for the United Kingdom, which has gradually become the world’s second-largest exporter of services and fifth-largest exporter of goods. Depending on the services sector is not even a good thing, but losing it at the same time, that’s worse.

We can say that the EU is the UK’s number one partner. If the majority of trade was with the former British colonies in the 1970s, today, the United Kingdom carries out the majority of its trade relations with members of the European Union. This situation is explained by the need for the country to establish new trade links after the emancipation of its colonies. The entry of the British into the European Community in January 1973 will then accelerate trade with the continent. This trend is still true in 2015.

The accession of the United Kingdom to the EU gave it access to the single market: free movement of goods, people, and merchandise or the end of barriers to trade given the fall of customs barriers. Since joining the Union, the country has increased its trade with member countries by 55 per cent, according to the Center for European Reform.

A departure from the European Union would result in a loss of the benefits of the single market. Trade barriers would be re-established, which, would have several consequences with the return of customs duties. Goods will cost more than before, and it will not impact the brits but also the EU entirely since the UK is the main trade partner of the EU. When the Thatcher-Mitterand double act agreed to a new tender for the construction of the Channel Tunnel in 1984, the Eurosceptics’ rebellion was real. Channel Tunnel is a symbol of the attachment of the United Kingdom to Europe, that's why conservatives hate it.

Nevertheless, a “Brexit” would allow the country to control its migration flow, a strong campaign argument of UKIP, while the majority of Britons consider that immigration is a major problem for the country. Since the crisis, the higher growth rate in the U.K. than in many European countries has attracted a large number of European workers. Another argument often put forward by eurosceptics is that the U.K. would then be free of the regulatory constraints of the EU, which is a major source of anger in the House of Commons.

However, do sacrificing their Economy in order to reduce immigrants really worth the pain? Yes, we can see that unemployment in the UK is at the lowest point but with low growth. At least in the short and medium term. Because real wages have been rising significantly over the past year, while productivity per worker has been falling since there is no real competition in the labor market without immigrants. Not to mention their life expense is getting expensive by their own choice.

And what kills me, one of the reasons to isolate their country is because of culture, they want to protect their culture. what culture do they have exactly? their tea is not even from their country, they imported it a few centuries ago at the time when the sun never sets on the British empire, but now you rarely see the sun in the UK itself, or those rubbish rock bands that I used to love, all of their works can’t even compare to one of Beethoven Symphony and anyway brits, Beethoven has nine and he is from German, one of the EU members just for your information. I don’t get with the concept of the royal family in their country, if they are just a symbol with no real power, then why do they even exist? for tourism? if they open Buckingham Palace to the public, I believe that it will bring more tourists to their country since there are lots of arts in that palace, but instead, they choose to keep the collective masterpiece in the Buckingham palace just for those spoiled Lil princes and princess who get famous by exploiting their family problems, a symbol hein? and most of all the tourists aren’t there at the Buckingham palace to sit and have a royal tea with the queen. Their national anthem, while French people sing about their son and friends throat that might be slit by the tyranny, you guys sing about saving your queen, who almost live for a century, I just don’t get it, it might be better if you make the lyrics anonymous just like Spain did, how pathetic. So brits please consider a revolution, since I’m very keen to see it.

I don’t hate their culture, I even love their culture, I was trying to say that their culture is not special.

People are inclined toward deglobalization for various reasons not particularly for these two reasons that I mention above, but for these reasons that I mention, for me, it’s ridiculous. That’s why sometimes I hate democracy, most people are just overconfident, they are not an economist but they said Brexit will benefit their country. It is just like what kind of recipes to choose in a gourmet restaurant, and the chef organizes some vote with the customers that have no clue about foods, or some experiences in a professional kitchen. It reminds me of what Socrates has said, which goes “And do you think that anyone else, in his right mind or out of it, ever ventured seriously to tell himself, with the hopes of winning his own assent, that a cow must be a horse, or two must be one” Everyone can distinguish between a cow and a horse, but I don’t think that everyone know’s about economic, even none of the economist are certain about the future, Perhaps for the economist when people vote for Brexit it’s just like people saying that a horse is a dragon. Perhaps it’s one of the reasons why China will be the first economic power in the world with their undemocratic government, even back in 2008 china was the one who helps the crisis, not the USA, nor any other liberal country. But it’s just my opinion, I’m not an economist, so I can’t really assure you. I am never against Democracy, I even fully supported it, just need to educate the people quite a bit more.

While my anger escalate, I remembered something that might change my mind. I remember the financial crisis of 2008 which the “dreadful” crisis, has been shaking up international finance since the summer of 2007, has not stopped till now. European financial regulation, patiently put in place within the framework of European integration, has been able to contain the crisis but not to prevent it, while the roles of central banks and public authorities, which until then had little involvement in the financial markets, have been transformed. The meaning of monetary policies has been profoundly modified by the extension of the prerogatives and means of the action of central banks. The stability of assets and the control of credit could thus in the future fall within the competence of the ECB. The regulatory framework of the European Union would then be ideal for articulating monetary steering at the community level with a more refined management of financial markets at the local and national levels. The crisis made by small elites and bankers but yet it shakes the entire world and it’s all happens thanks to our beloved free trade.

Therefore are they controlled by fears or do they have logical reasons? no idea.



Joviano Devan