Actually, I don’t want to discuss this one since it’s the most despairing one, but since before I talked about existence and human experience, therefore I think it’s one essential topic. Neuroscience and Philosophy change my perspective with free will. The first book about neuroscience that I read was, thinking fast and slow, judging by the title, I thought that it was another book about self-improvement. Despite I despise self-help books, at that time I desperately need help so I bought this book without knowing what was it, and I was sorely disappointed since instead Thomas Hobbes to Descartes that believes every individual has liberty, “do as they will, do as they want, do as they like” It might be deprived by my arbitrary thoughts that take place as the one who tells virtue within me.

I’ll explain briefly what Kahneman told me about the brain, soo brief.

The first chapter of thinking fast and slow that I photograph in my leaden chamber (hh leaden chamber)

What is your impression of that woman?

You might find her angry, or she just wants to sneeze, although the reality she might just want to sing a high pitch. we interpret something with just one glance, and although it is just one tiny fraction of Kahneman’s numerous examples, it explains to us that we humans don’t have free will. Why? let me give you some examples that I made. Usually, at a store, you might find 999$ is cheaper than 1000$ even though it’s only less and more than 1$, a very common marketing strategy that uses neuroscience as their sword. You shout at someone on the street, not because you are a hot-headed Buffon, but because you are not in the mood since your wife keeps yelling at you. You are showing off your new car on Instagram, not because you want to be admired, but because of evolution, we are condemned to be a social animal, it’s in everyone’s blood. When I see a book, I want to buy it, but when I don’t see it, I don’t want to buy it. when you see your enemy, you might be angry, but do you want to be angry if you don’t see your enemy? Get the point? perhaps not, let’s jump to another topic.

I do believe that you know about depression, but have you ever learned it? or just thinking why their face was so morose. Yes, yes, everyone feels sad and low sometimes but depression is one particular thing, let me tell you why. First, you need to know why people get depressed. The fact is that depression is not something that is in our hands, it’s out of our control. There are some that are depressed just because they are pregnant or after giving birth, and some get depressed each certain season, depressed at one certain point and it’s gone without they have to banish it and it happens for various reasons. Your Genes can involve as well, scientist learned that depression can be from your DNA, It’s your heritage, the things that are there since we are born. Or some dreadful experience like the death of a friend can trigger your depression not to mention an awful environment, being bullied, sexually harrassed, a pressured by your boss, with the gradual process of the combination of your genes and this kind of environment, people might get depressed these are something that is outside of our mind yet it controls what is inside. There’s this thing called neurotransmitters When people are depressed these neurotransmitters might be in low supply or not effective enough to support your various types of moods and if your hormone is too high or too low you can get depressed. Don’t you realize? that we do aware of our actions, aware of our thoughts yet we did not aware that this thing even exists, this neurotransmitter that is so hard to pronounce, this thing that controls what we thoughts and leads to our action. What is more scary depression might suddenly come out of nowhere, the chemical imbalances in your brain can cause you to suddenly feel depressed. Especially as a young adult, your brain is growing from being a child’s brain to a fully formed one, and many of the electrodes get messed up. When this happens, you may feel mood swings, or a sudden depression. It may only last a day, but sometimes it can last much longer than that. Perhaps it only lasts for one day, have you ever thought of what might happen with your decision while you are depressed.

Shall we play a game of circumstances that I made for only one purpose, to steal the meaning of your existence?

You are a girl with plenty of friends and a kind boyfriend, you are a girl with ambition and goals in your life, despite your big dreams and goals. Could you achieve a list of plans that you make cautiously every day, and today your list consists of (Taking a bath in the morning, eating your breakfast, hanging out with your friends, going to concerts, having dinner with your boyfriend, and getting back home), shall we start?

This day you take your bath, eat your warm breakfast, go see your friends, and when you arrive you see that their faces are so unpleasant like they haven’t slept last night, eventually, you realize that they are not in a mood, they have some problem with their boyfriend and it turns them to aggressive and violent, you turns it back to them and after some disagreeable conversation it makes you feel that you don’t want to go to a concert, you go to your boyfriend’s house instead, unfortunately, you see your boyfriends cheating with your friend, and you get back home depressed. Or instead, one day you take your bath, eat your breakfast, hang out and have a pleasant afternoon with your friends, you go to a concert of your favorites band while the song reminds you of your ex, then you call your ex, both of you get back together and live a happy fulfilling times of your youth, but it makes your dumped boyfriend depressed. Or you just wake up and get depressed because of the chemical imbalance in your brain, you isolate yourself in your room for weeks, you left your boyfriend, you left your friends, you left this world, and turn all of them depressed. What a life!

You might learn stoic to remain calm from all of those jerks, learn wisdom about virtues, but yet, the chemicals in my brain, hooo, terrify me. Even the strongest person on the planet can’t control it. Nevertheless, I found it quite hilarious, how humans have through famine and poverty, and now we might get depressed just because we can’t afford an expensive pizza.

Depression that hangs on a depressed one, made their struggles in combat that no others can see, locked them within their mind and made them unable to escape, turn them as they are numb as a dead one yet you are gone with only one gulp of a pill. Yes, it’s not a metaphor, the sorrow can be healed with medicine, medicine that changes the circulation in your brain, one of many things that we can’t control. You might meditate, you might eat healthy food, but one pill is one effective way to kill depression, one thing that was created by us, humans, who use to be a savage, who use to eat raw meat but now controls what the cosmos created. One thing, one small thing, can control our universe of thought. Now not to mention the delusional one, the mad man, they never want it, but the environment and all of the fractions in their brain pull them to the edge of their sanity, not only them, we can be like those who are crazy someday, just another blow in the wind, you might find yourself in an asylum.

We as a human take something precipitately without a second to think, it is just a spontaneous thing for us to be angry, and be sad. To be in the mood and not, therefore can you think how it affects your decision? You who are not in the mood, just because someone calls you a jerk and not doing anything for a day, become lazy and unproductive. Depression comes and turns you into a zombie for months and might change some circumstances for the worse. We take those things just like when we breathe, we don’t need to know, how our brain controls our chest and lungs since we breathe and think unconsciously. Therefore, where is our will?

Now am I sure that all of the purposes that come and go in my negligible thoughts are because of my will? Are you sure you want to read this because of your will? After all, we cry when we demand freedom of speech, freedom of thoughts, freedom of choice, freedom, freedom, freedom!!! The thing is, are we sure that we have freedom?

Can you grasp it now? please, contemplate it for a while.

You can see, so many question marks from the beginning to the end of it since it’s not necessarily fact. Despite all the facts thrown to us, a fact might change, but our point of view has to grow, we have to question everything as if all existence is an existentialist.



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